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Movie - Dansen med Regitze

It's recommended to look Dansen med Regitze movie (Tanzen mit Regitze).

Movie Issued - in 1989.


Novel: Christensens, Martha. Dansen med Regitze
Karl Åge and Regitze host a summer garden group bordered by favour of impede friends, their son, and his family circle. Karl Åge be peaceable, disconnected; Regitze is aggressive, exciting. He think dump funds lying on: hero worship in the germ examination during the period of war, breathing in cooperation unmarried, her mother's starvation knock when they won't handle their son. Regitze is fervent and guileless; she speak her heed. He remember her inviting a derelict for Christmas evening dinnertime, and the man show uphill beside five bashful friends. He recall her taking on their son's professor when the man slap the lad. He remembers her love of dance and his unease that his public gracelessness may imaginably ending their similitude. Now, in end of the day, he hang on other things to obverse.
Certificates: Iceland:L, Australia:PG, Argentina:13, Chile:14, Sweden:7, Norway:10
Color Info: Color
Countries: Denmark
Genres: Drama
Languages: Danish
Locations: København Zoo, Frederiksberg, Denmark
Runtimes: Argentina:102, USA:90
Sound Mix: Mono
Tech Info: OFM:35 mm, PFM:35 mm
Release Dates: Denmark:17 November 1989, Sweden:4 May 1990, Argentina:16 August 1990, USA:28 January 1991, Iceland:12 April 1991, Australia:1 November 1991

In movie played:

Asger Bonfils (actor)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Birth Date: 10 November 1928

Hans Henrik Clemensen (actor)

Poul Clemmensen (actor)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Birth Date: 30 August 1922

Henning Ditlev (actor)

Frits Helmuth (actor)
Spouse: 'Agneta Segerskog' (9 June 1957 - 1960) (divorced); 1 child, 'Jeanne Darville' (qv) (17 May 1961 - 1964) (divorced); 1 child, 'Kirsten Frederiksen' (31 July 1971 - ?); 3 children
Death Notes: Copenhagen, Denmark (liver failure)
Quotes: If I am only remembered for three good films and three good theater roles, then I will be happy.
Birth Notes: Copenhagen, Denmark
Son of Danish actor 'Osvald Helmuth' (qv), Father of actor 'Mikael Helmuth' (qv), Father of 'Pusle Helmuth' (qv), Son of actor Osvald Helmuth
Death Date: 12 December 2004
Birth Date: 3 July 1931

Mikael Helmuth (actor)
Son of actor 'Frits Helmuth' (qv), Grandson of Oswald Helmuth

Torben Jensen (actor)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Birth Date: 29 September 1944

Sune Kølster (actor)

Anders Larsen (actor)

Henning Moritzen (actor)
Birth Notes: Tårbæk, Denmark
Henning Moritzen be a illustrious Danish peak and chapter thespian. Born contained by Tårbæk close to Copenhagen and beside a lesser arts school extent from Grønnevangsskolen in Ordrup, Henning Mortizen be well-read in lodge of an actor at Privatteatrenes Elevskole. Since the nippy 1950s he enjoy be a stage actor with inestimable success, mega The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, earn a reputation as one of the super manly lead of Danish show business. His sweat show a well-known degree of oscillation, from the jokey on the side to cadenced to performing, existing additionally as classical. To his stage occupation come the inert fixture of demonstrate and box work of which _Harry og kammertjeneren (1961)_ (qv), _Hjemme hos William (1971) (TV)_ (qv) and _Dansen med Regitze (1989)_ (qv) can be mention as highpoints. And even subsequent, the common glory _Festen (1998)_ (qv) distribute him a heady cut as the dominant father.
Spouse: 'Lise Ringheim' (qv) (? - 25 September 1994) (her death)
Birth Date: 3 August 1928

Michael Moritzen (actor)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Son of Danish actor 'Henning Moritzen' (qv)
Birth Date: 2 November 1954

Kim Rømer (actor)
Birth Notes: Copenhagen, Denmark
Birth Date: 25 February 1959

Peter Zhelder (actor)
Birth Name: Zhelder, Peter Due
Birth Notes: Denmark
Other Works: Provided the voice of Narrator in the Danish version of _Hercules: Zero to Hero (1999) (V)_ (qv).
Birth Date: 25 September 1959

Sylvester Zimsen (actor)

Rikke Bendsen (actress)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Birth Date: 10 November 1961

Lise Kamp Dahlerup (actress)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Birth Date: 20 April 1948

Jane Eggertsen (actress)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Birth Date: 26 February 1973

Anne Fletting (actress)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Spouse: 'Henning Sprogøe' (qv) (? - present)
Birth Date: 25 July 1960

Dorthe Simone Lang (actress)

Tove Maës (actress)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Birth Date: 30 April 1921

Nanna Møller (actress)
Birth Notes: Copenhagen, Denmark
Birth Date: 21 January 1958

Ghita Nørby (actress)
Spouse: 'Dario Campeotto' (qv) (1963 - 1969) (divorced); 1 child, 'Svend Skipper' (15 July 1984 - present), 'Jørgen Reenberg' (qv) (1970 - 1978) (divorced), 'Mogens Garth-Grüner' (16 May 1956 - 7 May 1957) (his death), 'Henrik Rosing Wiehe' (1958 - 1962) (divorced)
Nick Names: The First Lady of Danish Cinema
Height: 5' 7"
Birth Notes: Copenhagen, Denmark
(1996) She had a cake named after her in Denmark., Has a son, Giacomo (b. 1964), Mother of 'Giacomo Campeotto' (qv)., Daughter of singer Einar Nørby, In movies she was often paired with Ebbe Langberg, Denmark's most famous actress both in film and television., Won the Bodil Award (the Danish equivalent of the Oscar) four times, and so she is the most awarded actress in the history of the Bodil Award., Fellow actress 'Bodil Kjer' (qv) once called her "the greatest actress in the Danish film".
Birth Date: 11 January 1935

Else Petersen (actress)
Death Notes: Denmark
Birth Notes: Denmark
Death Date: 28 August 2002
Birth Date: 26 April 1910

Kirsten Rolffes (actress)
Spouse: 'Carl Viggo Becker' (11 October 1951 - 10 April 2000) (her death); 4 children
Death Notes: Copenhagen, Denmark (cancer)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Daughter of Gustav Andersen and Kamma Rolffes., Drama school at Frederiksberg Theater from 1947-48. After that entered the Drama School at the National Theater (Kongelige teater), where she studied from 1948-50. Actress at Det kongelige teater from 1950-63 and again from 1988-94., Knight of the order of Dannebrog 1990, and Knight of the order of Dannebrog of the first degree in 1995., Son Jakob (born 1952), daughter Henriette (born 1956) and daughter Elisebeth (born 1962).
Death Date: 10 April 2000
Birth Date: 20 September 1928

Birgit Sadolin (actress)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Birth Date: 10 October 1933

Bolette Schrøder (actress)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Birth Date: 8 May 1968

Anne Werner Thomsen (actress)
Birth Notes: Gentofte, Denmark
Spouse: 'Thomsen, Ole Werner' (1954 - ?)
Birth Date: 19 July 1936

Birgit Zinn (actress)
Birth Notes: Odense, Denmark
Birth Date: 14 April 1936

Lars Kolvig (producer)

Karen Bentzon (writer)

Martha Christensen (writer)

Kaspar Rostrup (writer)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Birth Date: 27 April 1940

Claus Loof (cinematographer)
Death Notes: Denmark
Birth Notes: Denmark
Death Date: 20 April 1994
Spouse: 'Sisse Reingaard' (qv) (? - 20 April 1994) (his death)
Birth Date: 19 August 1939

Fuzzy (composer)
Birth Name: Pedersen, Jens Wilhelm
Birth Notes: Roskilde, Denmark
Birth Date: 23 February 1939

Ole Glæsner (costume designer)

Annelise Hauberg (costume designer)
Birth Notes: Copenhagen, Denmark
Other Works: Also chief costume designer on the Danish version of "Wheels of Furtune" (Danish: "Lykkehjulet").
Birth Date: 1 September 1946

Kaspar Rostrup (director)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Birth Date: 27 April 1940

Grete Møldrup (editor)

Tom Hedegaard (miscellaneous crew)
Birth Notes: Frederiksberg, Denmark
Death Date: 8 August 1998
Birth Date: 16 April 1942

Lis Lund (miscellaneous crew)
Birth Notes: Denmark
Birth Date: 6 September 1946


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